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Our Mission

nuumi is here to make it easy for normal people to get fitter, healthier and happier.

We want to see a future where the benefits of regular activity are not just felt by athletes, but by the entire world.

Building a lasting fitness habit is hard. We need all the help we can get to keep active. That is why we have built nuumi, a free app that drives you to achieve your fitness goals. 

The Team

precious fatoye nuumi co-founder and CEO headshot
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Precious Fatoye

Co-Founder & CEO

Hey 😀 I'm from Manchester and I'm the CEO of nuumi. I've been obsessed with all things fitness for as long as I can remember. When I'm not overthinking my Fantasy Football team, I'm either in the gym, out for a run, or putting together a
post-workout feast.

tim roberts nuumi co-founder and CTO headshot
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Tim Roberts

Co-Founder & CTO

Hi 👋 I'm the technical mind behind nuumi, and am all about clever code, fine detail and beautiful design. I'm not your average computer nerd, I spend my time away from the keyboard going on hilly runs, doing hard home workouts, growing vegetables and cooking banging food.

Our Story

The story of nuumi begins in 2019, in a house in Somerset with two final year Chemical Engineering students, Tim and Precious. We spent countless evenings talking sport and fitness, playing Mario Kart, cooking healthy dinners and wondering why so many people around us find it hard to make fitness a priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic set us on very different paths. Precious went to work for a clean energy start up as a senior financial analyst, while Tim continued his studies, gaining an MSc in computer science at Imperial College London.

But we never lost the desire to build something to help the people around us get fit. Working other jobs to sustain ourselves, we turned that desire into reality over the next four years. We released nuumi on the app stores in May 2022 and have been relentlessly developing and improving it ever since.

Our drive to build nuumi is rooted in a deep desire to make it easy for people to build fitness habits. nuumi is already making a real difference to many people's lives, but we are only at the start of our journey. Watch this space.

the nuumi team, tim and precious, smiling and laughing
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