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Deleting your Data

How to Delete your Account

At nuumi, we are totally committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and personal data (see our Privacy Policy). In accordance with this, you have the right to request to delete all of the data we hold about you. You can do this in the nuumi app by doing the following:

Profile ➡️ Settings ➡️ Account ➡️ Delete Account ➡️ Confirm Login Credentials ➡️ Confirm Deletion

Note that you will no longer be able to access your account after carrying out these steps. You may however create a new account with us and start afresh.

By deleting your account, we confirm that we will no longer hold any data about you.

How to Remove Access to your Facebook Data

If you logged in using Facebook and would like to remove nuumi’s access to your basic Facebook data (email, name and profile picture), please follow the instructions below. Note that this may affect your ability to login to the app if you have not added a password and do not have a Google account with the same email address.

  1. Go to your Facebook account’s Settings & Privacy and click ‘Settings’.

  2. Then click on ‘Apps and Websites’.

  3. Select the option box for nuumi.

  4. Click the ‘Remove’ button.

  5. That’s it! We will no longer have access to your Facebook data.

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