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Fitness Training Plans - Why Everyone Should Have One

When I first started working out at the gym, the biggest challenge was simply deciding what to do. I hopped aimlessly from machine to machine with no clear structure. Many other people I've spoken to have had a similar experience, especially people who are new to the gym.

At first this can be fine (mustering up the motivation to work out is the first step), but over a long period of time it can be difficult to stay committed if you haven't got a plan. It's estimated that a whopping 50% of new gym members cancel membership within 6 months and one of the key reasons is not seeing enough progress.

you need a fitness training plan in the gym
The gym can be daunting without a plan; a sea of machines and weights.

Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to achieving your exercise goals, and having a structured fitness training plan is key to keeping consistent. Studies have shown that frequent repetitions of behaviours make it more likely that they will become something you do automatically. So don't build up to starting your training plan, get it going now to start forming those habits.

Having a plan also makes it easier to track progress as it gives you measures to compare yourself against. Progress tracking is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated for exercise, or any other endeavour for that matter - we all know that satisfying feeling of ticking something off your to-do list. I'm feeling the power of this when tracking my workouts on nuumi - I'm finding it easier to stick to my plan when I'm actively tracking my workouts. Then sharing those workouts with my friends gives me even more motivation to keep going.

Logging my gym workout on nuumi app
Tracking my workouts on nuumi keeps me motivated.

Having a fitness training plan can also prevent both over-training and under-training because you can plan which exercises (and muscle groups) you target during each workout. This means you can ensure you have the perfect balance between training intensity and adequate rest for each muscle group.

Hopefully I've convinced you to make sure you have a plan ready for the next time you're working out. If you're looking for a new workout plan or a way to track your current workouts, why not give nuumi a try!

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